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More chemical storage in the Netherlands as a result of Brexit

As a result of the approaching Brexit more and more Chemical companies and chemical storage companies are ready to move their operation to the Netherlands. This requires more knowledge of the regulations in Holland. When it comes to the storage of hazardous substances, it appears that they do not differ that much from those in Great Britain

The most important guideline when it comes to storage of hazardous substances is the PGS15. For example: the location of a new storage location with respect to boundaries is controlled under Building Regulations administered by the Dutch authority. But what are the requirements for this building. Although the PGS15 has not been translated into English, an English-language course is available with which you can learn more about the obligations. In addition, it is advisable to seek expert advice on applying for a permit. Hazmat.support employs advisers who have co-written with the above guideline and are happy to assist you.

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Storage requirements of dangerous goods in packaged form in the Netherlands

The storage of chemicals is a profession. The companies that fall under this category are required to have a broad knowledge of the facts. From external risk, health and safety policy, training courses for risk management, storage and dangerous goods to fire-resistant buildings and standards for firefighting systems, flooring, ventilation, scaffolding and emergency lighting.

The requirements for the storage of dangerous goods in packaged form in the Netherlands have been established in a clear guideline: the PGS15. This “best practice” was created by representatives of business and government in the Netherlands, and is regularly updated by these same parties. It is used for licensing and is included in national laws and regulations.

The PGS15 is subdivided into several chapters. The most important chapter is chapter 3, which outlines requirements for the storage of dangerous packaged substances up to a weight of 10 tonnes. Chapter 4 of the guideline specifies the requirements for the storage of packages above 10 tonnes.

In chapter 3, the general rules state that the fire resistance between a storage location for dangerous packaged substances and another area needs to be at least 60 minutes in both directions, which can also be achieved through distance. The doors in the fire resistant walls need to be self-closing and close during periodical inspections, to ensure that, in case of an emergency, liquids cannot move from one storage facility to another.

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