Seveso comWabopliant companies know the impact security has on their environment and for the company itself. A lot of knowledge is involved. Especially when identifying hazards, any help is welcome.

Support in the area of the BRZO such as setting up a safety management system, performing risk studies, regularly making (internal) audits of the safety management system, periodically assessing the adequacy of the BRZO policy and offering support during in- and external BRZO inspections are a piece of cake for VNCW Consultants.

Being specialists we are, like no other party, fully aware of all obligations, as we have taken part in writing the rules ourselves (BRZO and PGS, the Hazardous Substances Publication Series). In addition, we are practitioners and we know how a practical approach with a skilled view on the matter can be molded into a good product. So make an appointment now and we will gladly assist you in word and deed.


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