Companies that occasionally or regularly transport dangerous goods, hand it over as transport, trade it or have it processed, are required to engage a safety advisor. For large companies and companies that continuously transport dangerous goods, it may be profitable to hire an ADR safety advisor (European Agreement International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road), but for most companies the weighing of the pros against the cons will not swing in that direction and they will still decide to hire an external consultant.

VNCW Consultants would like to offer you an appropriate package deal. We can highly recommend our Lite-package (minimum requirement) for the Self Employed truck driver and our Safe-package (maximum requirement).

With Lite-package each year we will send you and audit form which you will fill out and send back with all the requested attachments. After two to three weeks you will receive your anual ADR report. During the year you will report us your incidents with ADR goods.

The Safe-package for larger companies contains among other things: an annual inspection on site, including an annual report with recommendations and changes in laws and regulations. With both packages you comply with the legal obligations at the lowest possible cost. Of course we can also assist you with the Safe-package, a more intensive service entirely customized to the customer’s wishes. We are also happy to assist you with drawing up the ADR security plan according to 1.10.


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